Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Time for Government to Make a Move

There are many intelligent and forward-thinking leaders but they need to be brave to engage on issues, even those that seem to be against them.
WHAT more is there to write or say about Bersih 3.0? Even while the people were still on the streets, and with tear gas still filling the air, many were already pointing fingers and apportioning blame.

Most Popular Googles Girl's Photography

Most Popular Googles Girl's Photography

Angelina Jolie named honorary citizen of Sarajevo

Ning Baizura

Ning Baizura binti Sheikh Hamzah (born on 28 June 1975), popularly known as Ning, is a Malaysian pop and R&B singer, who records and sings in languages, including Bahasa MalaysiaEnglishJapaneseItalianFrenchMandarin and Cantonese. She was born inKajangMalaysia from the Arab, Malay, Dutch, Chindian and Javanese parents.

Malaya History Timeline & Facts

Concise Timeline, History and Facts about Malaysia
35,000 BC - 100 BC Ancient Malaysia - stone age tools and implements from about 10,000 BC have been found
The first ancestors were believed to be Negrito aborigines and a Chinese tribe called the Proto-Malays Chinese, Siamese, Arabs, Indonesians Proto-Malays and finally Indians formed the racial basis for the group which are now called the Malay Indian traders arrived in search of gold and spices and introduced Hinduism and Buddhism